KES International

KES-InMed-20 Invited Sessions

Session CodeTitleWeb SiteChairAffiliationContact Email
IS01Advanced Modelling of Health Systems and Policies CFP Assoc. Prof. Marco AnisettiUniversity of Milan, Italy
 Co-Chaired by Dr. Dario BrdaricInstitute of Public Health for the Osijek-Baranya County, Croatia
 Co-Chaired by Assoc. Prof. Gwanggil JeonIncheon National University, Korea 
IS02Digital Architecture and Economics for Internet of Things, Big data, Cloud and Mobile IT in Healthcare CFP Dr. Yoshimasa MasudaCarnegie Mellon University, USA
 Co-Chaired by Prof. Donald ShepardBrandeis University, USA
 Co-Chaired by Prof. Shuichiro YamamotoNagoya University, Japan
IS03Advanced ICT for Medicine and Healthcare CFP Prof. Yen-Wei ChenRitsumeikan University, Japan
 Co-Chaired by Prof. Satoshi TanakaRitsumeikan University, Japan