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Abstract and Late Paper Submission

Abstracts and late papers are invited to be considered for the conference on topics lying within its scope


Authors may choose to submit just an abstract of 1-2 pages and make a presentation of their work, but without providing a full or short paper.

Abstracts may be more superficial descriptions than would be expected of a full paper, but should still be complete and self-contained and must have a conventional structure including summary, conclusions and references.

Abstracts will be subjected to a less rigorous review than full papers.

Late Papers

Full or short papers submitted too late to be included in the proceedings may also be published under this category.

The guide length for late papers is 4 to 10 pages.

Publication and Presentation

Short Track papers will be published as open-access web publications in InImpact: The Journal of Innovation Impact in the KES Open Access Library (KOALA).

Abstracts and late papers will be time scheduled for presentation in the conference programme.

Submission of Abstracts and Late Papers

A description of the paper format is available as a PDF file .. here ..

A template can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word .dot file .. here ..

A template can be downloaded as a Microsoft word .doc file .. here ..

There is no requirement to complete a copyright form, as papers are published under the KOALA copyright agreement, with authors keeping the rights to their papers.

Papers should be submitted as PDF documents through the PROSE online submission and review system which will be available here.

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