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KES-InMed-20 Registration


Everybody who attends the conference must register and pay the correct fee.

Instructions on how to register for the conference are provided here and a list of fees and charges is provided further down the page.

Registration Queries

For registration queries you may email

Once you have read the registration "frequently asked questions" page which can be found here

How to Register

Registration for the conference is through the registration page on the KES Membership Portal available

>>.. here ..<<

You must be signed in to the KES Portal to register for the conference.

If you are not already a KES member please sign up for free KES Bronze Membership then sign in.

If you are a KES member you can find out how to get your login details You can also check whether you are already registered as a KES member.

Please ensure that in addition to signing up for the KES Portal you also go on to register for the conference!

Payment by Credit Card

The registration system includes an online credit card processing system to take payment while you wait. We strongly recommend that delegates pay by credit card to guarantee they receive the early registration rate.

We will send you confirmation by email when we have received and checked your payment, and your registration is complete.

Payment by Bank Transfer

Please read the following instructions if you intend to make payment by bank transfer.

- You can only pay by bank transfer before the early registration deadline.

- If you are concerned about securing a student registration place we recommend that you pay by credit card.

- Payment by bank transfer can take some time and we must receive payment before we can give you a student place.

- If you wish to make a payment by bank transfer, register through the online system, an select the "Bill Me" payment option. The email you receive from the registration system will contain an Order Number and instructions about making payment to our bank.

- You must ensure that the ORDER NUMBER appears in the PAYMENT REFERENCE field of the bank transfer form. Please also ensure that the FROM field contains the DELEGATE NAME.

- Please ensure that you pay any charges you bank may charge. If we do not receive the full amount due before the early registration deadline the full late rate may become payable.

- We will send you confirmation by email when we have received your payment and your registration is complete.

Fees and Charges

Registration includes access to all conferences making up the Smart Digital Futures event, a paper in one set of proceedings, and a year's KES Silver membership that brings discounted rates at future KES events, and your own profile page on the KES Member Community Portal. This represents a great package!

Full / Standard Registration

Full registration is an inclusive rate comprising:-

Student Registration

Student registration is limited and after the student place are taken students must register at the Full rate.

Student registration comprises:-

Student registration is available to those providing a letter on headed note-paper from their University signed by their Head of Department/School confirming that they are a student on a programme of research.

Please send a scanned copy of this letter to

or fax a copy to
+44 203 292 9377.

Registration Fees

Smart Digital FuturesBy 10 March 2020After 10 March 2020
Full Registration
(KES Silver Member)
580 Euros670 Euros
Full Registration
(KES Bronze / Non Member)
620 Euros670 Euros
Student Registration
(KES Silver Member)
445 Euros550 Euros
Student Registration
(KES Bronze / Non Member)
495 Euros550 Euros

How do you know if you are a KES member?
You can find out more about KES membership .. here ..

Additional Charges

There will be additional charges for the following items:-

'Accompanying persons on application only' please email if you wish to bring an accompanying person to the conference. An "Accompanying Person" is someone who accompanies a full delegate but takes no part in the conference. An example is the wife or husband of an author. Full 'Terms and Conditions' are sent on application.

Invited Sessions Chairs Registration

Where an invited session attracts 5 or more paid registrations (excluding the IS chair themself), if all 5 authors plus the IS chair attend the conference and present at the session, the IS chair may claim free registration at the next conference during the subsequent year. For example, a chair who gets 5 paid registrations at the SDF-19 conference can claim free registration at the SDF-20 conference.

The registrations must be full or student registrations, not additional papers or free registrations awarded for other reasons.

Terms and Conditions

By registering for the symposium you indicate that you agree to these Terms and Conditions

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