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View Conference Pre-proceedings

The full text of the papers presented at the conference can be viewed by logging in to the PROSE system with your username and password .. here .. and selecting 'View Pre-proceedings'.

You can also view the presentation Powerpoint file if the authors have uploaded it.

If you do not have a PROSE account you can view the Pre-proceedings using
Userid: 'guest' and Password: 'guest'

If your paper cannot be seen in the pre-proceedings this will probably be because you did not correctly name the paper PDF file, or did not upload it at all. Upload a correctly named file and it will appear.

You can also upload a Powerpoint presentation if you wish others to be able to view it.

PROSE Account Access

You can still access your user PROSE account using the above URL and your usual userid and password but selecting 'User Account'.


PROSE System Help and FAQs

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